You can stop the worry of local lockdown with Flava

You are GUARANTEED £100 Credit

You can stop the worry of local lockdown with Flava

You can stop the worry of local lockdown with Flava

Just when we thought that the nation was easing out of lockdown we are now faced with large positive Covid 19 cases forcing some towns and cities back into local lockdown. If this happens in your town you will be given hardly any notice and it will feel just as it did at the beginning, shops and businesses will come to a total standstill and once again the normal things like food shopping will go into meltdown. To avoid this where possible start doing your shopping now with Flava buy now pay later. With Flava you can guarantee your food shopping delivered to your door in complete safety and even though normal life has changed at least your food cupboards will remain well stocked. As well as keeping you and your family well fed, you need not worry about having the funds to pay for it as you can spread payments over 4 weeks, completely interest free and without a credit check.

Buy Now, Pay Later Supermarket Shopping During Lockdown

If you have tried doing your food shopping from home with a regular supermarket then you will probably find that you can not find a delivery slot for at least 3 weeks, even the click and collect system is taking up to a week, so they are not particularly the help that they advertise. With Flava as soon as you pay your first of 4 equal instalments you can choose your delivery date and you will find it much quicker than anything Asda or Tesco can offer.

Another big difference between Flava buy now pay later and the main supermarkets apart from offering credit is that all the special offers from Flava are sent directly to your email inbox and you can make a choice to have them or not. Anyone who has stepped into a normal supermarket will have seen the piles of special offers at the end of every isle, all carefully placed to make the shopper part with more money than intended when deciding to shop. These are called loss leader and they are even pushed to the forefront on the home delivery sites as well. You have to scroll past pages and pages of 2 for 1, or buy 2 get one free, multi packs and the like, making you think you are saving money when in fact, did you really need the items in the first place? It is a well known fact that the majority of shoppers spend at least 10% more than expected at checkout. With Flava it is much more suited to helping you stick to your actual needs. Just the word “credit” will make you far more aware of what you are spending, and even though Flava buy now pay later credit is without added interest, you are far more likely to stick to your intended budget.

With all payments taken from your debit card, you will know exactly how much is being taken as at checkout your total is split into 4 equal instalments, so for example your first credit limit is £40, so your payments will never be more than £10 per week. You have nothing to lose by having Flava on your side for food shopping from home.