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Upto £160 Grocery Credit - subject to status

Flexible Payments

If you choose to use’s Flexible payment system you can split your bill into weekly payments.

If eligable, new customers will receive an initial Fixed Basket Credit of £160.00 per order, with a maximum payment term of upto 6 weeks. As we get to know you as a customer you may be eligable for a flexible term of upto 12 weeks - Credit is offered under an Unregulated credit agreement - subject to status.

When you have made the first payment we will send the order to the warehouse to be processed.

As part of our due diligence we may ask you to complete a pre shipping check form.

If your circumstances change or you need to change your repayments dates or payment schedule, just reach out to us here, or contact us on 01909 499492, and we’ll work with you to create a payment plan that suits you. We don't charge any late fee's and 0% APR

Failing to communicate with us about a debt may lead to you not being able to order from us again, anyone at the address or any other duplicated accounts you may have created.

Credit is subject to status