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Frequently Asked Questions

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Do you charge any INTEREST ?

No. All of our basket credit is provided at NO EXTRA COST, so that means ZERO (0%) APR.

Is this some sort of Loan you are providing ?

Not at all, far from it. As we don't charge any APR or extra fees all that we are providing is a very simple but flexible way for you to pay for your groceries instead of paying for it all upfront.

How much credit do you give me to shop?

All new customers will receive an initial Basket Credit of £100.00 per order to begin with. As we get to know you as a customer your Basket Credit will increase significantly to a maximum credit of £320.00 per order so long as you make your payments on-time and be a good customer.

What products do you stock?

Here at Flava we stock a full range of grocery products that you would normally find at your local store or supermarket

How long do I get to pay off my Basket Credit ?

Our Basket Credit can be paid over 1,2,3 or 4 weeks, and you are in complete control of how you pay.

Can I choose when to pay ?

Yes, when placing an Order with us you can decide when to make your first initial payment.

What if I can't make the re-payments?

At Flava we offer a fexlible re-payment plan, so if you are unable to make any of your re-payments simply get in touch and we will re-schedule the amount due to a date that works for you.

Can I place more than one order?

All new customers are limited to one Order until we get to know you as a customer. This means you can still order your groceries on Credit, but you will be unable to place any subsequent orders until you have re-paid (in full) your first order.

When do orders get delivered?

All orders are delivered between Monday - Friday (Excluding Weekends/ Bank Holidays).

How do I cancel my Flava Benefits Subscription?

Simply log into your Flava account, in the footer of the website simply click the link named 'Cancelling Flava Benefits'. You'll then be redirected to the cancellation page, simply click the button named 'Cancel My Flava Benefits Subscription'. Once this is clicked your Flava Benefits subscription will be cancelled.

Is there a minimum spend?

Here at Flava we do require our customers to make a minimum spend of £60 before an order can be placed.