Worried about buying on credit? Flava 0% Interest

You are GUARANTEED £100 Credit

Worried about buying on credit? Flava 0% Interest

Worried about buying on credit? Flava 0% Interest

If you have had any dealings with credit before then you will know that it is the huge interest charges that will make things much worse should you fall behind with payments. It is probably the extra interest charges on catalogues and credit cards and hire purchase that push the majority of those with a less than perfect credit record into the abyss, not the actual purchase cost initially. With Flava buy now pay later we have abolished the need to ever charge any interest on your purchases with us.

As all orders are subject to a four week repayment schedule there is no need to ever charge interest, that is why Flava buy now pay later is always at 0% APR interest rate. As well as not charging interest Flava buy now pay later will also never need to carry out a credit check. Ay of you who have had credit problems in the past will know that the more credit searches on your credit file will only serve to damage it further. As long as you have a UK bank account with a debit card you will be accepted, no matter what your credit history may be.

Flava's Buy Now, Pay Later Makes Shopping Easy

At Flava buy now pay later you can find everything that you would expect to find at a supermarket, including toiletries and pet foods. With the Flava you can now buy your groceries on credit and know exactly how much you need to pay back weekly in advance. You can be assured that the only charges on top will be the delivery cost, but if you sign up to Member Benefits you can even get that free of charge on a monthly subscription. Check out the customer service advisor on the website they will be able to tell you all about that and how easy it is to set up.

When you start using credit on a buy now pay later scheme, you will find that you will only buy what you really need quite naturally, even when there is no extra charge for the credit itself. It is the previous conditioning of your way of thinking that many shoppers have and will soon become apparent when you look at how much your credit is costing you weekly when shopping with Flava, against your previous receipts from any of the main giant supermarkets. Grocery shopping is one of the regular bills that will always vary from week to week, and the main reason for this is down to the supermarkets themselves, not your actual shopping list. Supermarkets spend a lot of money in shopping analysis and the irresistible special offers and the multi buys that promise massive savings, will make even the most disciplined shopper far and away from the path of the original shopping list