Why shop anywhere else when you can do your food shopping with Flava

You are GUARANTEED £100 Credit

Why shop anywhere else when you can shop with Flava

Why shop anywhere else when you can do your food shopping with Flava

As much as it would be lovely to go back to the old ways and wander around a supermarket without a mask and plenty of money to spend, lets face it those days are far away, if ever to return to normal. The majority of the UK are now on less money than before the Corona pandemic hit and the simple shopping trip has now become more like and endurance course with the amount of PPE needed and the social distancing queues. Flava buy now pay later the UK’s first and only credit supermarket are here to pick up the slack and make it easy for you to do your food shopping from home without breaking the bank and best of all, without having to wait weeks for delivery.

Flava buy now pay later are the only supermarket in the UK that offers every customer at least £40 credit to spend instore with just your debit card as security, no credit checks needed at any time guaranteed. Once you have paid up your first order you can order again and you will see that your credit limit has risen by at least another £20, you are able to jump to £120 credit straight away if you sign up to the Flava Member Benefits Account and this way you get your deliveries free of charge as well for just a small monthly payment, still without a credit check.

Shop Flava for buy now, pay later

Because Flava buy now pay later is very unlike a normal pay as you go supermarket you will find that there are not hundreds of special offers thrown at you before you get to the basics of your shopping list, these are sent directly to your email inbox giving you more of a deliberate choice to take them or not. Most shoppers will admit to buying offers that they did not budget for when using the normal supermarkets and you have to be very disciplined to stick to just your shopping list. Take a look below at some of the latest offers that customer have been sent directly to their emails.

Of course all the other supermarkets have offers that compare, but usually they are buy one get one free or three for the price of two, meaning that you have to buy more than you need, this leads to much more household waste and I am sure I am not alone in admitting that when I unpack my shopping my kitchen waste bin is usually full of food that gets thrown out from the week before. Shopping from home from Flava buy now pay later is a good way of keeping on top of this as the majority of goods on sale with Flava carry a much longer lifespan as they leave the fresh produce to the local greengrocers, bakeries and butchers which helps to keep the local shops going through this uncertain time.