Welcome to the new of shopping Flava buy now pay later

You are GUARANTEED £100 Credit

Welcome to the new of shopping Flava buy now pay later

Welcome to the new of shopping Flava buy now pay later

The new supermarket Flava buy now pay later, has swept across the UK as quick as the virus when it comes to helping out when doing your food shopping. If you have always gone out of the house to do your food shopping from the regular supermarkets found in every town then you will definitely know the problems that the Corona Virus Pandemic has caused across the world let alone the UK. For many standing in queues and trying to socially distance is just not an option, if you are elderly or disabled then you will have probably relied on others to do your food shopping for you or if you have been caught short with your finances then Flava buy now pay later is definitely the way to go.

How Does Buy Now, Pay Later Shopping Work?

The way that Flava buy now pay later can help everyone is that they will give you a basket credit of at least £40 to spend in the online supermarket without the need for any sort of credit check that could damage your credit file. As well as not searching your credit file, Flava will give you 4 weeks to spread your payments equally, so if you use the whole £40 for example you will only pay 4 instalments of £10. Your payments will be taken directly from your debit card and that is the only security needed.

You will find everything you need on the Flava buy now pay later website from food to laundry and toiletries.

As well as not having to worry about standing in queues to get into a supermarket you can be assured that your shopping will be delivered right to your door on a day that suits you. The great employees at Flava buy now pay later have continued to work right the lockdown making sure that everyone is getting their shopping. They are all maintaining social distancing where possible and using all the PPE needed to make sure you are safe. The delivery drivers will also follow all the rules where delivery is concerned standing back at least 2 metres form your doorstep.

Without the need for a credit check Flava buy now pay later are a lifesaver for many especially at this current time as it is so easy to use and with every paid up order you will receive an extra £20 credit only being capped at £120. You will also be very happy to learn that with Flava buy now pay later you will not have any interest charges added at any time. Because all orders are only spread over 4 weeks there is never any reason to pass the interest on to the customer. You are also only able to have one outstanding order at a time so this means that you will never have the problems of mounting debt.