There is another way to shop safely at home, try Flava for your groceries

You are GUARANTEED £100 Credit

There is another way to shop safely at home, try Flava for your groceries

There is another way to shop safely at home, try Flava for your groceries

With the lockdown looking to be longer than anyone expected this time round it is even more essential that you stay at home and follow the government rules, this will leave many people in a drastic situation especially if you are struggling with money. Flava buy now pay later supermarket has been a lifeline over this last year to thousands of people who without help would have fallen between the cracks and left hungry and anxious about how they are going to cope.

Online Supermarket Flava Can Be Used At Home

Flava by now pay later supermarket is very much the same as any regular supermarket but with one but with one big difference, you can have at least £40 credit to use without a credit check and this can really help. You will be given 4 weeks to spread your payments and your credit limit will rise once you have paid off your first order, this is only capped at £120 giving you plenty of credit to make sure that your family is kept well fed and your cleaning and laundry is also catered for.

You will find that when you are a Flava buy now pay later customer that you will start to receive emails on a regular basis that has all your special offers, this will really help lessen the impulse buying that can really make your shopping trip more expensive that it needs to be. We are all guilty of throwing away out of date offers that we have picked up instore but with Flava buy ow pay later offers you can make conscious choices about the offers you want to use. The offers that you will be given from Flava buy now pay later cannot be beaten by any local supermarket, have a look below at some of the recent offers:

As well as being able to buy your groceries from home on credit from Flava buy now pay later supermarket you will also get automatic acceptance to Yes Catalogue the bad credit catalogue with £300 starter credit and no credit checks, so you can look to purchase your higher priced items without having to brave the High Street or pay upfront from online stores.

You can also look forward to really quick delivery for your Flava buy now pay later order as they use national couriers not just the local supermarket vans and as soon as you pay your first of 4 instalments you can choose the best day for your order to be delivered. You will not find a service that is as helpful as Flava buy now pay later supermarket anywhere else on the internet, it has been developed for people just like you who are struggling with a bad credit record, but now there is another way to do your food shopping from home, why not take advantage of all these offers and join today.