Supermarket shopping on credit with Flava buy now pay later

You are GUARANTEED £100 Credit

Supermarket shopping on credit with Flava

Supermarket shopping on credit with Flava buy now pay later

Flava buy now pay later supermarket has been helping people out long before the Corona Virus pandemic hit the UK and has certainly come into its own ensuring that key workers and those on low incomes have been keeping their food shopping from home has been without issue while making sure that the cash flow has not been compromised with breathing space to pay. Flava buy now pay later has been a Godsend for many families especially when shielding or looking after aged relatives and just popping to the local shops has just not been an option.

Nothing could be easier that joining Flava buy now pay later, all you need is an internet connection and your debit card. There are no lengthy application forms and you can expect an instant £40 credit with 4 weeks to pay or less. You choose your delivery date as soon as you pay your first of four equally split instalments, which for £40 will be no more than £10, and the rest will be taken weekly on a day to suit you, directly from your debit card automatically.

Once you have paid up your first order you will then be given an extra £20 credit to use is you wish, and your credit will keep increasing by an extra £20 with each order until you reach £120 where all credit is capped. You choose to use all your credit or not, Flava buy now pay later lets you choose your own amount of credit and you are able to stay on top of your own payments. At no point do Flava buy now pay later ever do any kind of credit check on your credit account, so you can be guaranteed that no nasty negative footprints are left on there for future creditors to see.

Flava is the way with buy now, pay later

You will also see that the “side effects” of shopping with Flava buy now pay later are not what you would expect when shopping on credit, such as saving a great deal of money against your normal food shopping costs. This is because of two things:

With delivery straight to your door from national couriers rather than local supermarket vans Flava buy now pay later are able to offer delivery slots much quicker that the supermarkets can at the moment and the hardworking warehouse staff have all stayed at work abiding by all the social distancing and PPE rules to make sure that customers receive orders on time and in the safest ways possible.