Stop worrying about keeping your food cupboards full

You are GUARANTEED £100 Credit

Stop worrying about keeping your food cupboards full

Stop worrying about keeping your food cupboards full

To start shopping from home with Flava buy now pay later all you will need is an internet connection and a debit card. Flava have no need to do a credit search on your credit file and this stays true no matter how much your basket spend total may be. After the first paid up order you can expect your personal credit limit to rise by at least another £20 per order, only capped at £120, and still on the same terms of 4 weeks to pay up and no credit checks.

At this uncertain time in everyone’s lives there are many people who have slipped through the net when it comes to finances at this time and unless you are in receipt of benefits or can prove that you do not have enough money to see you through you are not even able to use the food banks due to the huge amount of new customers. Flava buy now pay later is here to help, but without the problems that most other credit situations have, such as high interest payments and long payment terms. All orders taken out with Flava buy now pay later are paid off within 4 weeks leaving you free to order again with a higher credit limit if needed.

Fill your cupboards with buy now pay later food

There are no long-winded contracts to fill in when you join Flava buy now pay later because they are not interested in your income or outgoings and are not at all interested in contacting your employer or asking for proof of benefits. As long as you have a debit card and can make sure that you have funds in your account for payments to be taken, that is all the guarantee needed.

When you get to the checkout with your shopping you will see exactly what payments are needed, and that will always be an equal split into 4 instalments, and this way you always know precisely what is being taken from your account, and you can even choose the dates that your payments will be taken. Once you have made the first small payment you can get a full basket of shopping that will last you until you get some cashflow back into your account and you will never be left with added interest charges or negative footprints on your credit file.

If you apply today you can even get £10 deducted from your first order making food shopping from home even easier. This is just one of the many ways that using Flava buy now pay later can help you to spread the costs of your shopping, you also will receive emails on a regular basis with specially selected offers to make your money go further and without having to be disciplined with your shopping list the way you are when you shop in a regular supermarket.