Staying Safe and Food Shopping from Flava Buy Now Pay Later

You are GUARANTEED £100 Credit

Staying Safe and Food Shopping from Flava Buy Now Pay Later

Staying Safe and Food Shopping from Flava Buy Now Pay Later

In these testing times the main thing that you don’t want to worry about is where you are going to find the money for next lot of home shopping, well Flava buy now pay alter has the solution without having to have any kind of intrusive credit check carried out. Flava are the only buy no pay later supermarket in the UK can guarantee acceptance to the Member Benefits club to everyone as long as they have a debit card.

You Can Buy Now, Pay Later on Food Shopping at Flava

The way that Flava works is that you are given an initial credit for a basket of shopping of £40, you can then browse and select your preferred items. Flava buy now pay later is exactly the same as any other supermarket and you can do all your food shopping online with delivery to your door. Once you have what you need in your basket, you then head to checkout, choose where you can choose your delivery slot as soon as you have paid your first instalment payment for the credit you have taken. All your payments will be split equally into 4 instalments and these payments will be taken from the card you paid your first instalment with.

Flava buy now pay later are the only food shopping with credit supermarket in the UK who can promise all this:

One of the great unexpected side effects from buying your shopping on credit is that you will start to notice the savings you are making without even realising it. Over a period of 3 months of shopping on credit you will probably find out that have saved over £100 against normal supermarket shopping.

Because Flava buy now later will accept everyone with a debit card, you can stop worrying about not having enough money to spend on food shopping, even if you could find a supermarket with any stock left on the shelves. You are not judged on your previous credit history as we don’t look. We are interested in making sure all of our customers are not eft alone during the Covid 19 virus and there is no excuse for not having food cupboards well stocked. As long as you can make the first instalment which will always be an exact quarter of the total basket price, you are able o choose your home delivery slot, any you will find that our delivery is probably a lot quicker than local supermarkets at this time.