Stay home shop smart with Flava buy now pay later

You are GUARANTEED £100 Credit

Stay home shop smart with Flava buy now pay later

Stay home shop smart with Flava buy now pay later

If you, like many others are worried about how you are going to manage if you are unfortunately advised to self-isolate and stay in with the spread of the Corona virus, then have a look at how Flava buy now way later can help. Flava buy now pay later are the only supermarket in the UK that can offer everyone credit to shop online. As long as you have a UK bank account with a debit card then you can be assured that without the need for a credit check you are guaranteed acceptance for an initial basket credit of at least £40.

Shop From Home and Buy Now, Pay Later

All you need to sign up with Flava buy now way later, and get immediate acceptance is here below:

It looks like the spread of the Corona virus is going to be with us for a long while yet, but even so, Flava have a better chance of being unaffected than the main supermarket giants, because Flava does not have walk in supermarkets that can easily become infected with just one customer trolley. Flava are a food warehouse and is run by the same staff, it is much less likely to be in a position where they will have to shut their doors. With the regular Supermarket giant deliveries service, the orders are usually picked at your local store and sent out from there. With this method your orders are being taken from the public customer shelves and there is nothing in place to stop infected customers from using the supermarket. With Flava apart from the warehouse staff and delivery drivers, no one comes in contact with your shopping. Flava have no worries that their customers will ever be at risk.

You only need to have the first instalment to hand to have your order delivered, and the rest of the payments are split in to equal mounts and paid up within 4 weeks taken directly from your debit card, so you wont even have to worry about remembering to pay your balance. Because all payments are paid up in 4 weeks Flava buy now pay later have no need to ever charge any interest on your orders. What you see on your online balance is the exact price you will pay, even when using credit. There are not many credit services that can say they do not charge interest.

Sign up to Flava with your email address and start shopping in minutes, you will also be happy to receive extra special emails that will give you some super savings that start at 1p, very often saving over 90% against normal retail prices. With Flava buy now way later you will not get into debt as you can only have one order at a time, so there is little chance of running up high debs you can’t afford.