Save money and do food shopping from home on credit

You are GUARANTEED £100 Credit

Save money and do food shopping from home on credit

Save money and do food shopping from home on credit

Saving money and using credit are not usually words that you will find in the same sentence, but when you start doing your food shopping from home with Flava buy now pay later, the UK’s first and only credit supermarket you will soon see the savings in your bank account.

With a simple application process that guarantees acceptance to everyone as long as you have a debit card, with Flava buy now pay later you could be filling your basket with goods to the value of at least £40 credit straight away. As well as a guaranteed acceptance you can be assured that there will never be any credit checks carried out on your credit file so it will not matter if there are any previous issues with credit. With 4 weeks breathing space to spread your payments for your food shopping from home you will find that knowing exactly how much money is being taken from your debit card each week is a great way to budget.

We all know the feeling of standing in line at the checkout of a supermarket desperately trying to calculate how much our shopping will cost, and probably getting wrong by miles. This is because when we are wandering around a supermarket with a shopping list and we come across all the special offers, the shopping list goes out the window and we are filling the trolley with unnecessary products just because they look like bargains, when in fact they are there to make you spend more. We also know how much we are throwing out each week because the food is out of date and probably the majority of special offers are in the bin also. You will still have special offers from Flava buy now pay later, but these will be sent straight to your emails and you will have more of a selective choice as to whether you use them or not, you are not bombarded with them in the way you are with regular supermarkets.

Buy now, pay later the lazy way

Because Doing your food shopping from home is the most sensible course of action at the moment with the uncertainty of the Corona Virus pandemic and the threatened second wave, Flava buy now pay later is ready to be the helping hand when you need it most. With very quick delivery when compared to the local supermarket vans and 4 weeks to spread your payments, nothing could be easier than opening your account with Flava buy now pay later.

All you will need to join Flava buy now pay later and do your food shopping from home is your email address and a good internet connection with your smartphone or laptop, a bank account that ha a debit card and your home delivery address, it is as easy as that! There will never be any added interest charges on the products you buy, the total at checkout is equally divided into the amount of weeks up to 4 that you choose and these are taken straight from your debit card without you even having to remember to log in and make a payment.