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You are GUARANTEED £100 Credit

Flava Buy Now Pay Later an Emergency Service

Now More Than Ever, Flava Buy Now Pay Later an Emergency Service

It is very worrying with everything that is going on globally across the world with the onset of the terrible Corona Virus, pretty soon we all be in lockdown and stuck with empty cupboard unless we start thinking ahead. With Flava buy now pay later we can guarantee you at least an initial £40 credit to shop for your groceries. As well as making life easier for those who may well be experiencing time away from work and a lower income than usual, we can also make sure that your shopping will be delivered to your door, probably in less time that your local Tesco or Sainsburys.

Flava's Buy Now, Pay Later Shopping Saves The Day

Flava buy now pay later is the complete solution for not only those with poor credit but for everyone who is finding going out to shop just not viable at present. This includes health care workers and the emergency services who are all working all the hours and not able to spare time to think about grocery shopping. Flava buy now pay later is so simple you can shop from your phone or laptop. You don’t need to worry about a credit check as all applications will be accepted as long as payments can be taken from your debit or credit card.

Flava's Buy Now, Pay Later Shopping Saves The Day

Flava buy now pay later has everything you could want from a local supermarket, with some extra special Member Benefits that arrive in your inbox regularly. You will be amazed with the discounts that will be on offer, from tempting treats to everyday items, just sign up to Flava today and start shopping immediately. No fuss, not credit check and best of all, absolutely no interest charges!

The way that Flava buy now pay later works is by spreading all payments over 4 weeks or less equally, you choose the number of weeks you want to pay over and then as soon as you pay the first instalment, which on a £40 basket will only be £10 and then you can choose your delivery slot. Here is just a small sample of the products you can find at Flava:

By having all orders paid up within 4 weeks Flava buy now pay later are able to stay away from charging interest on any orders, and so you can be assured that the price at checkout will be the on only price you pay, no hidden extra’s.

With the huge shift to ordering from home instead of going out to the supermarkets, Flava are already ahead of the game, we have deliveries being sent out UK wide and plenty of great feedback to prove that not only do we fill a huge void when it comes to ordinary folk being able to shop on credit but also that in times of national uncertainty, at least your kitchen cupboards can stay full and your family fed well, without breaking the bank or having to get up at the crack or dawn to join a supermarket queue