Not all supermarkets are the same Flava buy now pay later

You are GUARANTEED £100 Credit

Not all supermarkets are the same Flava buy now pay later

Not all supermarkets are the same Flava buy now pay later

You may have heard about Flava, the UK’s latest online marvel that offers a buy now pay later grocery shopping supermarket, where everyone is accepted for credit and no one will have to undergo a credit check. Flava are just about the only supermarket that will actually help you to save money when it comes to your shopping bills.

Buy Now, Pay Later is New and Unique

With most supermarkets you will be bombarded with stacks of special offers from the moment you walk in the door with your trolley. They also employ the most scientific analysts to make sure that these stacks of offers are placed in precisely the right spot so that you will just pop them in your trolley without really thinking about it. This is why you like many others will always end up spending a good 20% over your original budget by the time you get to the checkout.

Another reason that you are bound to save money when shopping with us is that because Flava buy now pay later are a credit based operation, the mindset about credit always costing you more is so ingrained in normal thoughts that it will automatically make you more aware of what you are buying. Regardless of the fact that Flava charge nothing extra for interest, the price on your checkout is your final price, and you can be assured that all of the stock is just as competitively priced as your local stores.

All you need to open your Flava account is below:

You don’t need to jump through hoops to start shopping on credit with Flava buy now pay later, once you pay your first instalment, which will be one of four equal payments, you will be able to choose your delivery date that suits you the best and your payments can also be scheduled to the best time for you as well. All new account holders are given an initial basket credit of £40 rising to over £100 once you have paid up your first order. You have 4 weeks to pay off your purchases before your order again and you can choose your delivery date as soon as you have paid your first instalment.

Sign up to Flava buy now pay later today and you will be glad you did as having that extra helpful solution when you need it is priceless especially when you know that you will not be penalised for using a buy now pay later shopping by credit scheme, that is a promise that not many shopping sites can guarantee. If you have ever been in a position where you have had to scrape together enough money for a half decent meal or enough to buy a box washing powder because you are a few days away from payday then Flava is the best Supermarket solution for you. In turn you will find that your shopping budget will start to even out and you will even be able to save some money for a change.