No one needs to go without when you have Flava

You are GUARANTEED £100 Credit

No one needs to go without when you have Flava

No one needs to go without when you have Flava

Now that the Covid 19 Pandemic has covered the UK with a second wave, some people who may not have financially recovered from the first wave are finding just keeping the food cupboards stocked is a trial in itself. If you are one of the many who are struggling then take a look at Flava buy now pay later supermarket. Much the same as any other supermarket you will find all you need to keep your family fed as well as a great selection of toiletries and cleaning products. The big difference is that you will have at least £40 credit and the payments will be spread over 4 weeks, a vital breathing space for many.

Online Groceries from Flava

Flava buy now pay later supermarket are the only credit based supermarket in the UK and everyone with a debit card will be accepted without a credit check or any other intrusive checks to prove income or employment. You can order straight away and once you get to the checkout you will see that your order will be split into 4 equal instalments and as soon as you pay the first one you can choose your preferred delivery date. Another great thing with using Flava buy now pay later for your food shopping from home is that the delivery slots will be much more available than any local supermarket can currently keep up with. This is because Flava buy now pay later use national couriers for their home delivery, and guarantee delivery within a few days.

Flava buy now pay later could not come at a better time in our lives as it gives the customer not only a breathing space to pay for their food shopping from home, it also really does start to save you money when compared to your usual local supermarket shop and as no one is going make you social distance or wear a mask you can do all your food shopping from home in safety.

Once you have your Flava Member Benefits account you will quickly start to see the emails that are carefully selected and will give you up to 99% on special offers, this will really help you to be far more conscious of the money you spend as you are not waylaid by piles of temping offers the same way as you are in a regular High Street supermarket. Join today and you will be up and running ready for Christmas, where you will find some great seasonal offers to make sure that even though Christmas 2020 will not be as we would want it, no one need go without treats.