Look no further the perfect solution for food shopping

You are GUARANTEED £100 Credit

Look no further the perfect solution for food shopping

Look no further the perfect solution for food shopping

At the moment no one is completely sure of anything, especially when it comes to lockdowns, local or national, and this is giving many people a lot of anxiety when it comes to grocery shopping. If you are shielding or are looking after friends or relatives that are shielding it can be very confusing as to what is the best option when it comes to making sure that there is enough food in the cupboards for the duration. With doing food shopping from home with Flava buy now pay later you can be assured that as well as super quick delivery you can also access up to £100 credit to buy your groceries with only a debit card for security.

Every new customer to Flava buy now pay later is given £40 credit and that can be upped to over £100 with a small monthly subscription to Flava Member Benefits and if you do this, your deliveries will also be free of charge. Flava buy now pay later supermarket is full of trusted brands that are available with any other supermarket but with the difference of credit. The credit that you are offered is completely based on your own ability to repay, you will never have to undergo a credit check no matter how many times you use the service. Your total amount at checkout will be divided into 4 easy instalments and as soon as you have paid the first instalment you can then choose the best day that suits you for delivery.

The perfect buy now pay later solution

Joining the many thousands of already happy customers who shop with Flava buy now pay later could not be any easier if it tried, all you need is your email and delivery address and your debit card and y our account is ready to go when you need it. You will also find that you will start to receive regular emails with amazing special offers that beat the local supermarkets hands down. With up to 99% discounts you will certainly find something that works with your shopping list, and many people have commented with great feedback about the money they are now saving money when shopping on credit with Flava buy now pay later. As strange as that may seem, buying groceries on credit with Flava buy now pay later is completely interest free and therefore there are no penalties when using the credit system unlike other forms of credit where interest is added, making the total amounts much higher that the original orders.

If you want to rest easy knowing that you have a great alternative for food shopping from home, then sign up to Flava buy now pay later supermarket today and at least your food shop will be a little less stressful than waiting in line at supermarkets, as well as the long delivery waits that are starting to creep back up again with the local deliveries if you are considering ordering from home.