Get yourself organised for February with Flava

You are GUARANTEED £100 Credit

Get yourself organised for February with Flava

Get yourself organised for February with Flava

What could be better than knowing exactly how much each week you will be spending on your grocery shopping, instead of trying to estimate the trolleys worth by the time you get to the checkout in a normal supermarket. With Flava buy now pay later you can spread your shopping costs over four weeks, you will never have to worry about added interest charges as even thought you are getting credit there is a 0% APR. Flava are the only online supermarket that are able to offer this in the UK, and because all orders are paid up within the month there is never a charge for long term interest, so the benefits are absolutely for the customer.

Flava is a Buy Now, Pay Later Credit Supermarket

Once you know what your grocery is costing each week, you will find that you will actually start to save money as you won’t ever feel the need to pop out to the local shops to get provisions for just one meal, or have to use borrowed cash or a credit card to keep you going until payday.

With Flava buy now pay later you will never have to worry about getting into bigger debts, as Flava buy now pay later only spread payments for four weeks.

With no interest ever being charged you will know immediately at checkout how much you will be paying each week, and once you start to see the savings mount up due to less impulse buying you will wonder why you haven’t been shopping this way for years. When you think abut the millions that the supermarket giants spend on clever advertising and market analysts to make sure that you are tempted off your shopping list, it is no wonder that the average shopper will come out of the store with at least 3 items they never went in for.

With Flava you are not bombarded with things you don’t need, yes there are special offer and treats, but not to the extent that you are hypnotised into buying them with clever marketing. Flava buy now pay later is very much a simple and easy way to shop, you don’t have to flip past pages of special offers to get to the basics, you can get straight to what you need very easily. To shop with Flava takes the average customer less than 15 minutes online, that’s organising delivery and payments as well. On the giant supermarket website you can be on there for hours, so much so that they remind you every now and then to keep your delivery slot open. It makes sense both ways, the less time you spend in that store, and the less temping offers available the less money you will end up parting with.