Get ready for Christmas with Flava, great offers

You are GUARANTEED £100 Credit

Get ready for Christmas with Flava, great offers

Get ready for Christmas with Flava, great offers

If you are wondering about how you are going to make sure that everyone is kept well fed and happy during the Christmas period this year then now is the time to apply to Flava buy now pay later supermarket and enjoy interest free credit without any need for a credit check for doing your food shopping from home.

Flava buy now pay later has been developed with the customer in mind, and if you have ever had any kind of credit issue in the past, or have never used credit and are finding it hard to get credit, then this could just about be your best bet to make sure that you can fill your food cupboards with all you need and some extra special treats for the Christmas period with your starter credit of £40. Because Flava buy now pay later will never carry out a credit check you need not worry that your credit file will be affected by your application. You will have up to 4 weeks to repay and the next time you order you will see that your credit limit has increased by at least another £20. If you want a higher credit limit straight away you can join Flava Member Benefits and for a small monthly subscription you can have £120 credit and free delivery as well.

The special offers that are available cannot be beaten, even by the supermarket giants, and these offers are sent straight to your emails so you can make a conscious choice to use them or not, this helps to reduce impulse buying. If you have ever been guilty of spending far more than you wanted when using the local supermarkets because of the temping offers spread around the store then you will really appreciate Flava buy now pay later and appreciate even more the extra money left in your account when you have paid for your groceries.

Buy now pay later Christmas

These are some of the great offers that Flava has currently:

As soon as you join Flava buy now pay later you can start shopping, the application process takes just a few minutes and all you need will be your email address and your debit card handy if you intend to shop straight away. Once you get to checkout you can choose your delivery slot as soon as your have paid your first instalment, which will be an equal spilt over 4 weeks. You can also guarantee that your delivery slots will be much more available than any local supermarket can presently offer as Flava buy now pay later use national couriers for all their deliveries.