Food shopping with credit without interest, credit checks or hassle

You are GUARANTEED £100 Credit

Food shopping without interest, credit checks or hassle

Food shopping with credit without interest, credit checks or hassle

Never before in the UK has a supermarket offered credit to do your food shopping from home until now. Flava buy now pay later is the first supermarket ever to offer this and not only can you expect credit, you can be guaranteed no credit checks and no interest charges. No wonder Flava buy now pay later has taken off so well with thousands of happy customers in such a small space of time since they started in late 2019.

To become a Flava buy now pay later customer you do not have to fill in lengthy application forms and no one has to contact employers and neither do you have to prove your income, the only thing you need to secure your credit is your debit card. As long as you are over 18 with a UK bank account you will be given an initial £40 credit to spend online at As soon as you head to checkout and pay your first of 4 equal payments you can choose your delivery date and the rest will be taken weekly from your debit card without you even having to remember to log in and make payment.

Hassle free buy now pay later food

As you are only able to have one outstanding order at a time with Flava buy now pay later supermarket you need not worry about getting into any rolling debt where orders can mount up. Once you have paid off your first order you will be given another £20 credit to add to your spend limit only capped at £120. Everyone who shops with Flava buy now pay later has the same terms, 4 weeks to pay off their orders and their future credit is purely based on their unique ability to repay. If repayments are good and on time without issue then your credit limit will rise quickly, if not it can take longer.

As for the products and brands that can be found at well take a look below, just the same as you would expect in any supermarket across the UK or local shop.

You will find something for every meal with Flava buy now pay later supermarket and there is no need to ever go a day without a decent meal, that is whether you are too busy being a key worker to find the time to go shopping or whether your finances are low because you may be out of work or furloughed.

With just your email address and debit card you can start shopping from home for your groceries and have a breathing space of 4 weeks to pay for them without being penalised by interest charges or credit checks. For once a supermarket that gives a simple and straightforward service that can even see you making savings against your regular shopping trips. Keep an eye out on your emails for some great special offers too, many from just 1p, very few Supermarkets can offer the same.