Food shopping from home, guaranteed credit for Flava supermarket customers

You are GUARANTEED £100 Credit

Food shopping from home, guaranteed credit for Flava supermarket customers

Food shopping from home, guaranteed credit for Flava supermarket customers

Life is hard enough at the moment without having the extra stress of a loss of job or being furloughed and on less money than usual but keeping your food cupboards stocked and your cleaning and laundry needs being met is a priority for everyone. With the help of Flava buy now pay later supermarket you can really see a light at the end of the tunnel and stop worrying about how you are going to manage through the month.

Guaranteed Credit With Our Supermarket Flava

Doing your food shopping from home with Flava buy now pay later is very simple, you will be shopping within minutes of opening your account and right from the start you will see that Flava Supermarket online is very easy to navigate. You do not have to trawl through special offers to get to your basics, much like the giant supermarket websites, and your delivery slot will be allocated at checkout rather than having to choose that first and then being on a countdown to checkout before you lose the slot. The big supermarkets are very clever and use all these tricks to make you spend more than you really need to. Not only does this lead to the customer being out of pocket often, but it also adds to the huge amount of terrible food waste that goes on every day.

Flava buy now pay later are as easy as using your corner shop, but on a much bigger basis and all you need to open your account is your email address and your debit card details handy at checkout. You will be given £40 credit straight away and 4 weeks to spread the payments. There is no credit check required. You will find everything you need to feed yourself and your family, as well as pet foods, laundry and cleaning products and you will regularly find emails with special offers from just 1p. Because Flava buy now pay later supermarket does not flood you with special offers you are far more likely to stick to your shopping list and use your credit more wisely than if you were to be wandering around a local supermarket with the same amount of money in your hand being tempted by offers you don’t need at every isle.

Once you have filled your basket with goods at Flava buy now pay later supermarket you can checkout your order and you will see that it is split equally over 4 weekly payments, at this point you pay the first instalment and then choose the best day of the week for your remaining payments to be taken directly from your debit card account. Once you have paid your first instalment you can choose your delivery slot to suit you best, you will probably find that this will be quicker than most local supermarkets can keep up with as Flava buy now pay later supermarket uses national couriers not just local delivery vans.

Once your first order is paid off, you can then order again and you will have a higher credit limit, only capped at £120, and still without any credit checks.