Flava, the supermarket that helps out when you need it most

You are GUARANTEED £100 Credit

Flava, the supermarket that helps out when you need it

Flava, the supermarket that helps out when you need it most

Over the past six months life has inevitably changed for most people in the UK as well as the rest of the world with the onslaught of the Corona Virus and the normality of daily life seems to have changed forever including supermarket shopping. With Flava buy now pay later supermarket you are able to buy your food shopping from home on credit and spread payments over 4 weeks without incurring any interest payments or credit checks on your credit file.

As long as you have a bank account with a debit card you will be accepted by Flava buy now pay later and given £40 initial basket credit. Once you have paid off your first order you will be given a higher spend limit for your next order by at least an extra £20 and this will keep rising until you reach £120. You can jump straight to £120 credit if you join the Flava Member Benefit account by paying a small amount each month and with that you also get your deliveries free of charge also, it is totally your choice and at no point does your credit file ever get touched.

You can find all you need from Flava buy now pay later from store cupboard essentials to toiletries and cleaning products and all with the great brand names you have come to love and trust:

Here to help with buy now, pay later food

Once you have filled your basket with all you require you can head over to checkout and your total purchases will be split into four equal amounts and these are taken directly from your debit card, as soon as you pay your first instalment you can choose your delivery slot. All you have to do then is sit back and wait for your shopping to arrive. You will find that the delivery slots from Flava buy now pay later food shopping from home are much more frequent than most local supermarkets can offer as well.

As for special offers, Flava buy now pay later can beat the biggest supermarkets hands down as they will send you extra bonus offers directly to your email inbox and they will start at just 1p or 99% discount. With the offers sent directly to your emails you have the conscious choice to use them or not. As you are probably aware, when shopping in a normal supermarket you will find piles of offers and a lot of times they are thrown into the trolley without much thought bringing your total at checkout well over your intended spend limit. With Flava buy now pay later many customers comment on the savings they make when shopping when not bombarded with excess offers that are not needed.

Sign up with Flava buy now pay later and start shopping immediately, there are no lengthy application forms and you do not have to give any card details until you want to choose your delivery slot, you are not under any obligation to continue to shop after your first order, but with the ease of the process and quick delivery Flava is sure to be your go to supermarket for food shopping from home.