Flava supermarket get your free curry meal kit worth £7

You are GUARANTEED £100 Credit

Flava supermarket get your free curry meal kit worth £7

Flava supermarket get your free curry meal kit worth £7

If you are tired of waiting for a local supermarket delivery slot which are currently taking weeks and are looking for a better way to do your food shopping from home then try Flava buy now pay later supermarket and start saving money as well as getting super quick deliveries. All the deliveries with Flava buy now pay later are carried with with national couriers and this is why they can guarantee quicker deliveries than local supermarket vans.

As well as quick delivery you can also see some great savings when compared to your usual supermarket shopping bills when shopping with Flava buy now pay later. Every new customer will be given at least £40 interest free credit and without any need for a credit check as long as you have a UK bank account with a debit card. If you want a higher credit limit, up to £120, then for a small monthly subscription you can have that as well as free deliveries. All you will ever need is your debit card and no credit checks will be necessary. This is perfect if you have ever had any problems with credit in the past.

Buy now pay later plus a FREE curry meal kit

As well as saving money against your normal supermarket shopping bills by not being faced with temping offers spread all over the store and buying products on impulse, you will also find that you will receive some great offers straight to your email account that not even the giant supermarkets can beat. Currently every new customer can expect a Curry night kit worth over £7, absolutely free of charge, this kit includes naam breads, poppadoms, vindaloo and Korma sauces, everything you need to feed that whole family. Take a look below at some more great offers only available to Flava buy now pay later customers.

With the peace of mind of being ale to spread your payments over 4 weeks all you need to do is pay your first instalment and then you can choose the best delivery slot for your lifestyle. The 3 remaining payments will be taken on the bet day of the week to suit your budget and taken automatically from your debit card. Once you have paid off your first order you can order again with a higher credit limit if you have not opted for the full £120 limit straight away.

You have nothing to lose by signing up to Flava buy pay later supermarket and even if you do not use it to order today it will be good to know that you have a cushion of credit for when you need it most. You will also find that once you have joined you will also be given automatic acceptance to Yes Catalogue with £300 credit and still no credit checks, this could be just about the best thing to happen especially of you are worried about buying any Christmas gifts this year.