Flava buy now pay later everything you need with a helping hand of credit

You are GUARANTEED £100 Credit

Flava supermarket for everything you need with a helping hand of credit

Flava supermarket for everything you need with a helping hand of credit

If you have been looking to do your food shopping from home online, then take a good look at what Flava buy now pay later supermarket can do for you. Without any need for a credit check, Flava buy now pay later online supermarket has you covered and you will be able to lose the worry of how you are going to keep yourself and your family fed when struggling with finances.

Let Us Help You Buy Now Pay Later

Every new customer to Flava online supermarket will be given at least £40 starter credit and 4 weeks to spread your payments. There are absolutely no hidden charges such as interest or admin fees and you can start shopping immediately without worry. Once you have filled your basket you can head to the checkout page and you will see that your entire order will be split into 4 equal instalments and as soon as you enter your debit card details and pay your first instalment you can then choose the best day of the week for your shopping to be delivered to your door.

At Flava online supermarket you will find everything you need:

Once you have paid up your first order you can then order again with a higher credit lit, and this will keep rising until you are capped at £120, if you would like a higher credit limit straight away you can join Flava Member Benefits and for a small monthly subscription you can have that as well as all your deliveries free of charge as well.

Flava buy now pay later online supermarket has been essential to thousands of people in the last year who through no fault of their own have found themselves with a lesser wage or even been faced with unemployment. None of this matters to Flava, you are able to take control of your own credit and knowing exactly how much will be taken from your account each week to pay for your groceries is a great benefit when struggling with keeping your budget in line.

All you need to open your Flava buy now pay later online supermarket account is you email address, and you do not have to give over your debit card details until you have reached the checkout page. You are not tied into any contracts, you can use the service when you like and with only one order at a time you can guarantee that you will not be locked into rolling debt and high interest charges like you would be if you used a credit card to do your weekly shopping from a local supermarket.

Once you have opened your account you will start to receive your extra special offers that are sent straight to your email address, and this lessen the impulse buying that inevitably happens when you are wandering around a local supermarket with temping offers in every isle.