Flava food shopping from home here when your need the help the most

You are GUARANTEED £100 Credit

Flava food shopping from home here when your need the help the most

Flava food shopping from home here when your need the help the most

There is no other supermarket in the UK that offers credit to do your food shopping from home like Flava buy now pay later supermarket can do. The only other way to not pay in advance for your groceries is to use a credit card and that can be disastrous especially if you are struggling with your budget as you will end up paying more with the high interest charges that a credit card will incur.

Food Shopping From Home With Flava Supermarket

At Flava buy now pay later you will be given £40 as your starter credit and this will rise with every paid up order and all you need to access this will be your debit card. There will never be any need for a credit check and there are certainly no interest charged on your purchases. The price you see at checkout will be all you pay, you will see that the total is split over 4 weeks equally and that is the only amount that will ever be taken from your bank account via your debit card. As soon as you pay your first instalment you will directed to your delivery slots and you can choose the best day for your order to be delivered to your door.

Flava buy now pay later food shopping from home is very similar to using a regular supermarket and has all you need to keep yourself and your family with everything needed to keep well fed and all your cleaning and laundry taken care of too. The one big difference is that you will not be bombarded with offers that will tempt you off your shopping list like you will find in a local supermarket, this is not to say there are no special offers with Flava, there are many but they are sent directly to your email inbox giving you the opportunity to make more conscious choices about your spending. It is not very often that you come away from a local supermarket having bought exactly what you originally needed, this is why the supermarket giants employ product analysts, to make sure that customers spend more every time they shop.

Have a look at the latest offers that Flava customers have been sent, you will see that they are fantastic bargains and starting at just 1p, will never push your shopping total higher than expected, and all new customers will currently be able to have £7 free shopping making life even easier for many.

Your account is ready and waiting for you at Flava buy now pay later, you will be amazed at the simplicity of the experience and best of all, credit without a credit check.