Flava Buy Now Pay Later Supermarket Your Food Shopping

You are GUARANTEED £100 Credit

Flava Buy Now Pay Later Supermarket Your Food Shopping

Flava Buy Now Pay Later Supermarket Changing your Food Shopping Ways

There are a lot of changes going on at the moment especially when it comes to food shopping, huge queues are enough to put you off venturing into a crowded supermarket never mind the empty shelves once you get inside. With Flava buy now pay later the UK’s only credit supermarket you can not only do all your food shopping from home at a time to suit you, you can also spread your payments over 4 weeks. This is a welcome solution for thousands of people across the nation who have been made redundant or furloughed on lower wages and will bridge a gap in finances short term, leaving your free to stop worrying about providing good nutritional meals for yourself and your family.

Buy Now, Pay Later Supermarket Shopping

Flava buy now pay later are unique in the way that they work, you can expect at least a £40 basket credit on application, you will not have to undergo any form of credit check as your debit card will guarantee your repayments. All orders are calculated at checkout and divided into 4 equal instalments and taken on a date to suit you. You pay your first instalments at checkout leaving 3 payments left. You will know exactly how much is being taken and once your order is paid off you are then able to order again, and you will have at least a £20 increase in credit for your next shop.

You will be pleased at the sight of well known household brands on the Flava buy now pay later website and when you have the Member Benefits account you will find emails with special offers that are carefully selected for you. Many of the special offers are just 1p. The benefit of receiving your special offers directly by email gives you the opportunity to do your food shopping from home without being overwhelmed with pages of 2 for one, buy one get one free and multipack offers that are carefully placed to make you part with more cash than you originally bargained for. We all know the feeling of being at the checkout hoping your card payment will go through when you have popped more in your trolly than you went into the supermarket for in the first place.

Knowing exactly how much is being taken from your bank account for your food shopping from home is a perfect way to get on top of your budget and the fact that Flava buy now pay later never has any added interest charges you really are only paying for what you are buying, no hidden charges ever. You are only able to have one outstanding order at a time and this ensures that you do not have to worry about building any amount of debt that becomes unmanageable. Sign up to Flava buy now pay later and become another happy home shopper without having the added anxiety of trying to keep safe while you shop.