Fabulous Review about Flava Buy Now Pay Later

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Fabulous Review about Flava Buy Now Pay Later

Fabulous Review about Flava Buy Now Pay Later

It is all very easy to make up lots of stories about how fantastic a website is, but with Flava we have some fantastic feedback from real people just like you, who are happy to be able to spread their shopping over 4 weeks into easy to pay equal slices. Flava buy now pay later supermarket is the latest way to shop, we don’t charge interest, we don’t allow multiple orders so there is no danger getting into debt and we don’t make any intrusive credit searches on your credit file.

Buy Now, Pay Later Supermarket Reviews

Nikki-Dawn gave us a 5 star review

Stumbled across this site. Placed my order of all the cupboard stuff that racks the shopping bill up. Will be very helpful when I go to supermarket and not have to carry back all the heavy stuff. Plus great payment options. Takes a bit of the budget pressure off

Kimberley also left a 5 star review

Ordered before this is now my second order and I am really happy with how reliable and easy the payments are would definitely recommend

Lots of our customers have left us 5 star reviews and in the few months we have been trading we have seen some great feedback already in the hundreds that have been left by happy customers. They all seem to say how convenient the service from Flava buy now pay later online supermarket is.

Many people end up paying a lot of interest on their supermarket shop without even realising it, if you are one of those shoppers who have been using a credit card or a debit card when your account is in overdraft then you are paying interest for your groceries. With Flava, you have 4 weeks to spread your payments and there is not a penny in interest added. The price of your basket at checkout is the price you pay, and if you have a Member Benefit delivery package then you can even get your deliveries at a reduced cost as well.

You can not only save money by not paying interest on your shopping, but by not spending needlessly. I am sure you have all been bombarded by the mountains of special offers as soon as you walk in the doors of the main supermarket giants, and always the smell of the fresh bakery to entice you to fill your trolley with goods that will be out of date before you can consume it all. With Flava buy now pay later, just the fact that you are buying on credit makes you more aware of what you are spending, and you will only buy what you really need. We all know the feeling of being a good £20 or more over our expected budget when we are at the supermarket checkout, many of us will know the anxiety of trying to tot up our bill as the conveyer belt is moving toward the till and hoping our bank account will honour the total.

Flava are a great new shopping service that is attracting all types of people, from students to buys families to the elderly and less abled who are not able to get out and about to the shops as easy as others. Flava are a great convenience as well as a smart new way to budget your grocery shop.