Cuddle Up Order Your Groceries from Flava Buy Now Pay Later

You are GUARANTEED £100 Credit

Cuddle Up Order Your Groceries from Flava Buy Now Pay Later

Cuddle Up Order Your Groceries from Flava Buy Now Pay Later

If you needed an excuse to start shopping from home then storms Ciara and Dennis have to be top of your list, who wants to be battling the wind and rain to get your weekly shop. With Flava buy now pay later are the UK’s fist and only supermarket that can not only deliver your big shop in no time at all but can also offer you credit with no added interest charges and to top that, no credit check needed either.

Using Buy Now, Pay Later at Flava is Easy

You may wonder how a supermarket can offer buy now pay later terms, well Flava have managed to abolish any interest charges as they keep all repayments to a month at most, or 4 weekly equal payments. Because all borrowing does not go over this time, interest can be abolished. With Flava there are no longer repayment terms, it is purely for a month and no longer.

Once you sign up to Flava buy now pay later you will really start to see the savings that can be had when shopping on 0% APR interest. You can have your goods as soon as you have paid your first instalment and you will have 4 weeks to pay the rest in equal weekly amounts. You are unable to place another order until the last one is paid up, and this will stop you from overreaching yourself and adding to any debts. You will find out very quickly that you can start to save money on your grocery shopping as when you know how much exactly you have to pay back each week, and you don’t have to shop for individual meals get caught out with impulse buying from the giant supermarkets, you can then see just how much money is wasted shopping the normal way.

Flava buy now pay later are just the same as any other supermarket where their well-known names are concerned, they don’t sell little-known or strange brands and nothing they sell is below par. Just look at the well-known brands that Flava buy now pay later has to offer.

Even though Flava buy now pay later is a relative newcomer to the online supermarkets, in just a few short months our feedback is phenomenal. We are so happy giving the customer the upper hand when it comes to buying groceries on credit. The only way to do this before Flava was to use a very expensive credit card for your shopping, and that can be a very risky way of getting into mounting debt that you will be trying to get out of for years. Flava will be the best decision you make this year.