Beat the panic buyers and food shop at home from Flava

You are GUARANTEED £100 Credit

Beat the panic buyers and food shop at home from Flava

Beat the panic buyers and food shop at home from Flava

You have probably seen the scenes of empty supermarket shelves again due to the panic buying of the few that spoils it for all, but without any other form of doing your food shop then you have no choice but to stand in line and purchase whatever is left on the shelves. Flava buy now pay later supermarket is here to help. With a £40 starter credit that involves nothing but your email address and debit card you can now do your food shopping from home in safety and not only are your deliveries much quicker than a local supermarket can offer but you will never have to undergo a credit check on your credit file.

Flava buy now pay later supermarket has been developed especially to help those who have difficulties with credit due to a poor credit score but since the Corona Pandemic it has really been an essential tool for many to do their food shopping from home when there has been little option but to pay up front in full for any local supermarket delivery and if you are short of cash and do not have a credit card then this is not a viable option. As Flava buy now pay later supermarket will never carry out a credit check you can rest assured that you will be accepted without fuss as long as you have a debit card.

Online Food Shopping

All you need for an account with Flava buy now pay later is your email address, your delivery address, and your debit card to hand. All orders are spread over 4 weeks so this give you some breathing space as well as helping you to keep yourself and your family fed and you can guarantee that your credit limit will rise with every paid up order, only capped at £120. You will not have to go without the special offers that a local supermarket will have spread around the store as Flava will send you offers directly to your email address and this can really help to stop the impulse buying that many of us are guilty of throwing in the trolly only to throw out when they are not used at home as you thought you would. There are many benefits to using Flava buy now pay later for your food shopping from home, have a look below:

If you have been struggling with finance then Flava buy now pay later can really make a huge difference on your life and with a small amount of credit to help you along you will wish you had signed up before.