Amazing Savings Using Flava Buy Now Pay Later Supermarket

You are GUARANTEED £100 Credit

Amazing Savings Using Flava Buy Now Pay Later Supermarket

Amazing Savings Using Flava Buy Now Pay Later Supermarket

Flava is the latest online supermarket that offers credit to buy your groceries, it is the new idea that is fast becoming a service that many thousands of happy customers are glad they used. If you are struggling to find the cash to take to the supermarket locally then for just a quarter of the basket cost, you can relax and fill your cupboards and have the remainder paid up in just 4 weeks. The Flava buy now pay later supermarket is available to everyone, no matter what your past credit situation may be. There is no need for them to carry out a credit check either. All they need is your email and delivery address and your debit card details to take the 4 equal payments.

Save Money With Buy Now, Pay Later Groceries

Your Flava buy now pay later order can be delivered to suit yourself, as soon as you have completed checkout with your debit card details and paid your first instalment, you can also choose the best day for your other payments to be taken as well. Once you start buying your shopping on credit you will start to see just how much you can actually save against shopping with cash or debit card. When you wander round a supermarket with cash in your pocket, you are far more likely to pick up the special offers that are piled high at the end of each isle and put them in your trolley. When you are buying on credit it is a mindset that is deeply ingrained, and you are just far more careful with your spending. Even when it is interest free, 0%APR.

You can have at least £40 credit for your first order and once you have paid that off you are then given another credit limit of £20 more each time until you are capped at £120. All orders are paid up within 4 weeks as this is the time frame where interest will never be charged.

With only having the facility to place one order at a time you will never find yourself struggling to keep up with mounting interest debts, Flava pride themselves on not adding to anyone’s debt problems, which is why they don’t carry out credit checks that are totally invasive can only make a problem credit file worse and never charge any extra in interest. As long as you have a UK bank account or credit card you are guaranteed acceptance as we are able to take your repayments directly from the account, this makes sure that you never forget to pay an instalment and that is how we do not have to carry out any credit checks. All orders are paid up within 4 weeks and from the minute you fill your basket and head to check out your will know exactly how much money each week you will have to pay, there are no hidden charges and definitely no nasty surprises, Flava buy now pay later is the new name to trust in home shopping.