All the convenience of food shopping from home with Flava on credit

You are GUARANTEED £100 Credit

All the convenience of food shopping from home

All the convenience of food shopping from home with Flava on credit

There are a lot of reasons to try Flava buy now pay later supermarket especially now more than ever. Almost everyone across the UK have tried to do their food shopping from home since the onslaught of the Corona Virus pandemic has swept across the world this year, but many have been let down by the local supermarkets and the lengthy delivery times. Unless you are elderly or disabled many families are still paying upfront for their food shopping and waiting up to 2 or 3 weeks before delivery and that in itself can leave many families not with empty food cupboard but without the ready cash to shop as well.

Flava buy now pay later Supermarket is completely different to any other supermarket you would have come across in the past. You can open your account with just your email address and a debit card. You will not have to undergo any form of credit or eligibility check and you have 4 weeks to spread your payments. Every customer is given £40 credit and once your first order is paid up you can order again with a higher credit limit. Your credit limit is only capped at £120, still with 4 weeks to spread your payments.

The convenience of buy now, pay later

The range of goods that Flava buy now pay later has on sale are exactly the same as you would hope to find in Tesco or Asda and the delivery times are much quicker guaranteed. As soon as you pay your first instalment you can choose your delivery slot and then you can sit back and wit for your shopping to be delivered by national couriers straight to your door. All the staff at the Flava buy now pay later warehouse have tirelessly worked right through the last six months adhering to all the social distancing and PPE requirements as well as the delivery drivers so you have one less thing to worry about.

Flava buy now pay later will send you some great special offers straight to your email address and you will be amazed at the money you can save. By sending the offers directly give the customer much more of a conscious choice when using them, unlike wandering around a local supermarket where you will just throw offers into your trolley willy nilly. How many times have your thrown out food that has not been used but bought just because it seemed a good idea at the time? Supermarkets depend on shoppers picking up offers instore and this amounts to probably at least 10% extra on the total at checkout. Flava buy now pay later puts the power completely in the hands of the shopper, not the supermarket analysts.

You will find that as well as a quick delivery turnaround and at least £40 credit with 4 weeks to spread payments will put you back on track with your money as well as your food shopping from home. Sign up today, you have nothing to lose and a cushion of credit to fall back on when you need it most from Flava buy now pay later.