At last a buy now pay later solution with Flava

You are GUARANTEED £100 Credit

At last a buy now pay later solution with Flava

At last a buy now pay later solution with Flava

We have all had those odd weeks when the bank account just does not stretch to a full grocery shop, but since the decline of the corner shop and the friendly shopkeeper who always let you have a tab until payday, there was no solution for buy now pay later until Flava came along! Now you can spread your payments over 4 weeks and stop worrying abut how you are going to manage until the end of the month.

At Flava you can have an immediate buy now pay later credit limit of £40 to spend and your shopping will be delivered as soon you have made your first instalment payment. You can spread your payments over 4 weeks, and you will not need to undergo any form of credit check as you will pay your first instalment at the time of booking your delivery.

Solve Everything With Buy Now, Pay Later

You can order your store cupboard favourites as well as some extra special treats to buy now pay later and the range is growing all the time with some amazing daily deals of up to 86% off savings. Stop worrying about how you are going to budget your menus for the next few weeks, get shopping with Flava and your order will be delivered to your door within a few days. No one is looking at your situation, we are too busy making up thousands of shopping orders and making home deliveries. If you need a helping hand until payday then consider Flava for that solution that has been missing from online shopping until now. Consider us as the friendly corner store with a tab that will see you through the hard times.

Flava are top of the game when it comes to buy now pay later and we have all the best brands to make sure that you are not left with a cupboard full of out of date or substandard goods. We are as competitive as any other shop from home supermarket but with one added extra, you can buy now pay later!

Once you have opened up your Flava account you can be guaranteed at least £40 immediate credit to spend and once you pay your first instalment you can chose your delivery slot and start enjoying hassle free shopping with the safety net of paying in 4 equal instalments. Shopping with Flava does not have to be just for emergencies, but with careful budgeting you can be paying the same amount weekly for you shopping and never running out of store cupboard staples again.

From toilet rolls to shower gel, Lucozade to Rio as well as baked beans and rice pudding, all you could ever need to keep you, fed, watered and clean can be found on the new and ever growing Flava home shopping site with the buy now pay later difference. Sign up with your details now, and even if you don’t need to use us today, isn’t it nice to know we are here in case of emergencies. Flava are the newest and only solution for grocery shopping on credit, we won’t be beaten on price or promises, and your order is delivered to your door within days. What do you have to lose, apart from empty cupboards?