With the second lockdown underway Flava is the best bet

You are GUARANTEED £100 Credit

With the second lockdown underway Flava is the best bet

With the second lockdown underway Flava is the best bet

If you are struggling with lockdown and worrying about how you are going to keep your food cupboards full then have a look at Flava buy now pay later supermarket where you can not only receive credit to do your food shopping from home, but without a credit check as well. Every new customer can expect a starter credit of £40 and this will rise with every paid up order until it is capped at £120 and as far as deliveries are concerned you will find that they are much quicker than the local supermarket vans can offer as once again they are swamped with orders and many customers are waiting up to 3 weeks before they can get their shopping delivered.

An account with Flava buy now pay later is so simple to arrange there is no excuse for anyone to go without during this unprecedented time in all of our lives, and with many people being on a lesser wage or benefits having a small cushion of credit when you need it most is priceless. All you need for an account will be your email address and your debit card. All order totals are equally split into 4 weekly instalments and as soon as you have made your first payment you can choose the best delivery slot to suit your lifestyle.

Buy Now Pay Later in Lockdown

When using Flava buy now for your food shopping from home you may worry that you will miss the special offers that are placed all over your local supermarket but in fact, the way that Flava send out its special offers directly to your email address you will be pleasantly surprised that you can choose the best offers for you and this cuts down on impulse spending. Many customer have commented that they are now making significant savings when compared to their usual food shopping bills. By having offers sent to you directly you are much more likely to only use the ones that suit you in a more conscious way. It is always very hard to avoid picking up offers when you are wandering around supermarket, especially if you shop when feeling hungry, many people are guilty of throwing out food that is out of date just because you thought it was a good offer at the time. It is common knowledge that at least 10% of any shop total will be down to offers that are carefully placed in order for your to do just that, the only winners are the supermarkets. Have a look below at some of the recent offers available to Flava buy now pay later customers.

There is no reason to be without during this time and an account with Flava buy now pay later will see you through the pandemic and can even help you to save money against your regular shopping bills.