Why worry when you have Flava supermarket buy now pay later

You are GUARANTEED £100 Credit

Why worry when you have Flava supermarket buy now pay later

Why worry when you have Flava supermarket buy now pay later

We have all had those times when we are either just too broke halfway through the month to do a big shop or we just can’t spare the time with our work shifts to get to the supermarket. Now Flava buy now pay later online supermarket have the best solution to help everyone, no matter what your situation may be.

With Flava buy now pay later, you can choose your delivery date as well as your instalment payment dates in line to suit with your paydays. You don’t have to worry about anything with Flava, there are no interest payments to consider as it is 0% interest and there is also no need to have a credit search on your credit file either. You have up to 4 weeks to pay your order off and you can’t get into any debt with Flava as we don’t allow any future orders until the last one is paid up.

Buy Now, Pay Later Member Benefits

Flava are more than just a buy now pay later facility as well, they have some great Member Benefits that can save you up to 90% on special purchases that are emailed to you on weekly emails, and over 50% on regular savings. Check out this week’s latest savings:

With Flava buy now pay later you can spread the cost of your basket over 4 weeks, and there is never any credit checks or interest fees, and our flexible re-payment plan also means you can choose when you want to pay, and when you want to receive your order. Once you join up you can find free delivery options with your Member Benefits as well as extra special discounts.

The buy now pay later option of Flava is the only online supermarket in the UK to offer this, it is nothing like a Pay Day loan, we will not allow you to get into recurring debt or sting you with high interest charges, there in not a penny in interest and that is a promise that no other website offering credit can guarantee. Because we only allow our payments to be spread over 4 weeks there is no chance that you will be getting yourself into debt. Flava are responsible lenders and we will only give you an initial £40 basket credit it begin with, rising to an optimum of £120 over time, still with no interest and only 4 weeks to pay off your instalments.

Sign up to Flava today and see just what we have in store and how the buy now pay later system will work with your pay days and your budget. You will be glad you did!