Why do all the bills come at once in January

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Why Do All The Bills Come At Once In January

Why Do All The Bills Come At Once In January

As it Christmas and New Year haven’t ravaged your back accounts enough, it seems like all the renewal bills are coming in at once as well, making January the longest month of all with no spare cash. Because most everyone had their income earlier than usual in December, they are finding that getting through until the end of January becomes a real struggle. It is times like this that Payday loans will have a spike in unsecured loans just to feed the family. A lot of people have sunk into the Payday loan pit when all they have really needed to do is a grocery shop. Before you ponder on anything like a Payday loan, stop for a moment and look at Flava buy now pay later, we can ensure that as well as not charging you any interest we will not be leaving any negative footprints on your credit file as we have no need to do any credit checks.

Flava are the best solution when it comes to a helping hand without having to be begging to borrow money off friends or family. You will find everything you need to restock your kitchen cupboards with all the basics for good and nutritional meals, as well as cleaning and laundry products and pet supplies. Even for those of you that vow never to have credit this is one form of credit that can guarantee there is no interest costs involved, 0% APR guaranteed. With an initial £40 limit for new customers and 4 weeks only to pay the equal instalments you would be very hard pushed to fall behind with such simple terms.

Keep Supermarket Shopping Costs Low With Buy Now, Pay Later

A lot of people can end up paying a lot of interest on their supermarket shop without even realising it, if you are one of those shoppers who have been using a credit card or a debit card when your account is in overdraft then you are paying interest for your groceries. With Flava, you have 4 weeks to spread your payments and there is not a penny in interest added. The price of your basket at checkout is the price you pay, and if you have a Member Benefit delivery package then you can even get your deliveries at a reduced cost as well.

If you join Flava buy now pay later supermarket then you are in for extra treats directly to your email with Member Benefits. At the moment you can get of a huge 10% discount for both yourself and a friend if you refer them to our newest buy now pay later online grocery shop. The Flava Member Benefits do not just stop at discounts for referral, you can also find fantastic emails that will offer you exceptional value items such as a 12 pack of Walkers Cheese and Onion Crisps for just 48p, that is just 4p per pack. You would be hard pushed to find a better deal anywhere in the UK to beat that! Member Benefits can also offer you free delivery when you sign up to monthly delivery plans and all sorts of extra goodies that arrive in your email inbox once you are a priority customer.