Wonder what to get for dinner? Take a look at Flava

You are GUARANTEED £100 Credit

Wonder what to get for dinner? Take a look at Flava

Wonder what to get for dinner? Take a look at Flava

The middle towards the end of the month is always the hardest part to cater for when you consider the kitchen grocery cupboards, especially if you get paid monthly. We can really help you with the Flava buy now pay later online supermarket. We are not a loan company and we do not charge interest. You only pay for what you buy plus your delivery charge. Every new customer is given £40 credit to start and over time this can be increased to over £100.

All buy now pay later payments can be made up to 4 equal instalments and there will be no lasting or recurring debt as we do not extend these terms for any longer. We do not accept any future orders unless the last one is paid in full so we can never be accused of leading our customers into debt. We do not charge any interest on Flava buy now pay later and we take your payments directly from your credit or debit card in weekly instalments so once you have made your order and chosen your delivery slot you do not need to worry about having to log in and make further payments, it’s all done for you.

Everyone's Favourite Buy Now, Pay Later Supermarket

At Flava buy now pay later supermarket we are very customer friendly, as soon as you land on our online page you are greeted by our super customer advisers who can help you with any questions you may have and we can help direct you to the right tab to find the foods you are after. If you thought that the only way to buy your groceries on credit was with a credit card with huge interest charges, then Flava can show you another way. Log in and get your credit limit today, even if you do not use us today, it is good to know we are there if you need us.

At Flava we have everything you could need from breakfast to supper and everything in-between, including the washing up and laundry! Have a look at some of the great products that we stock for buy now pay later:

As well as having your shopping delivered straight to your door within days you can spread your payments over 4 equal instalments. With buy now pay later terms Flava promise not to carry out a credit check so you have nothing to worry about, your credit file remains affected and no footprints are left behind. Join Flava buy now pay later today and enjoy a new and less stressful way to a online.