Uncertain times require new ways of shopping, try Flava

You are GUARANTEED £100 Credit

Uncertain times require new ways of shopping, try Flava

Uncertain times require new ways of shopping, try Flava

Now that the government has introduced new tiered measures for local lockdowns no one really knows from one day to the next exactly what is safe and what isn’t. With that in mind, it is perhaps time to rethink the way you do your food shopping from home and Flava buy now pay later supermarket is here to not only make sure that you can get your deliveries in good time but also you are able to spread payment over a 4 week period.

There is nothing too fancy or confusing when using the Flava by now pay later supermarket, all you need for your grocery shopping from home is an internet connection and you debit card. There will never be any credit or eligibility checks and you can guarantee that no negative searches will ever be left on your credit file. Flava buy now pay later is a relatively new supermarket for food shopping from home and has really taken up the slack from local supermarkets especially where delivery slots are concerned. Because Flava uses national couriers instead of local supermarket vans they are able to make sure that your food shopping delivery will be much quicker than regular supermarkets as there is currently a few weeks wait before you receive your goods, and you would have had to pay upfront for that, meaning that not only will you go without your shopping but your cash will be tied up with the order making it hard to shop elsewhere while you wait.

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Flava also have great special offers that are sent directly to your email inbox rather than trawling through all the offers before finding your basics. This has resulted in a lot of money saved against impulse buying where it is all to easy to throw supposed “bargains” into your trolley, have a look at some of the latest offers that will not be thrown out when out of date like many supermarket offers are.

Flava buy now pay later food shopping from home offers all new customers £40 credit immediately, with rising credit limits for every subsequent orders, only capped at £120. If you want a higher credit limit straight away that is also possible by joining Flava Member Benefits where you can access the full credit limit of £120 plus free delivery for just a small monthly subscription. All orders taken with Flava buy now pay later will be split into four equal instalments at checkout, and as soon as you pay the first one you can choose your delivery slot, with the remaining payments taken automatically from the same debit card. With Flava only offering one order at a time you will never find yourself in rolling debt and there are also absolutely no interest or admin charges either.