Try a supermarket that takes the customer to heart with Flava

You are GUARANTEED £100 Credit

Try a supermarket that takes the customer to heart

Try a supermarket that takes the customer to heart with Flava

All supermarkets are not the same and if you have been struggling since the lock down with finances then Flava buy now pay later is definitely one you should take a closer look at. With credit to buy your groceries Flava buy now pay later is the only supermarket of its kind in the UK that actually gives its customers real help when needed, not just loyalty cards and 2 for one offers in store.

Every new customer to Flava buy now pay later can expect £40 credit on application and as long as you have a bank account with a debit card you will not be rejected. There will never be any credit checks made on your credit file and there are also no added interest charges made. All orders are spread over 4 weeks and only one order at a time only, so you have very little chance of finding yourself in debt when using the Flava buy now pay later. Once you have finished paying foe your first order you will be given a higher credit limit if you choose to use it, rising with each order and that is capped at £120.

You will find everything you need to fill your food cupboards as well as your cleaning and laundry products and toiletries too. All the great brand names you have come to love and trust will be there and deliveries will be much quicker than any supermarket can keep up with as well as the Flava couriers are nationwide not just from the local supermarket around the corner. We have all heard the horror stories of local supermarkets not being able to keep up with the delivery demands over the last 6 months.

Buy now, pay later supermarket with a BIG heart

Flava buy now pay later has a unique way of sending their special offers directly to customers email so they can make a conscious decision to buy them or not, unlike regular supermarkets where you will see special offers piled up at the end of the isles where you are likely to throw them in your trolly with very little thought, and by the time you get to the checkout you would have spent much more than originally intended. It is a well known fact that the big supermarket brands spend hundreds of thousands of pounds on specialist market analysts to have products placed in order to make shoppers part with more money in store. You can avoid all this when shopping with Flava buy now pay later.

Many Flava buy now pay later customers have commented on the savings they make against their normal shopping expenses when using the credit system as they are not penalised with interest charges and knowing exactly now much is being taken each week for their groceries means that they are able to budget much better with the finances they have.