Time to readdress the way you do your food shopping

You are GUARANTEED £100 Credit

Time to readdress the way you do your food shopping

Time to readdress the way you do your food shopping

Many people who have never done their food shopping from home have now been put in a situation that has made them have a good look at the way they shop. With Flava buy now pay later, the UK’s first supermarket to offer credit can not only be one of the easiest ways to have your food shopping delivered to your door but can also offer at least a £40 starter spend limit to make life easier.

Buy Now, Pay Later Food Shopping

With the Corona virus pandemic sweeping the nation the normality of shopping outside of the home is going to take a good while to get back to where it was, if ever. With the 2 metre social distancing rules , many shops and supermarkets are finding it hard to make sure that their customers remain safe at all times, but by taking the time to look at shopping from home for your weekly grocery shop you can find a better way and make sure you stay as safe as possible. Flava buy now pay later food shopping from home are here to help you through the pandemic and beyond and everyone with a debit card can expect a guarantee of at least a £40 initial credit.

Once you have browsed the pages of the Flava buy now pay later supermarket you can add to your basket and at check out you can choose the best day for delivery as soon as you have paid the first of four instalments. All payments are an equal split of the total at checkout and you can even decide the best day of the week for your remaining payments to be taken. Everything with Flava buy now pay later is centred around the customer and by making every order is sent out and received with the utmost care that you can expect from the hardworking warehouse staff to the delivery drivers all making sure that all the hygiene rules and social distancing measures are to the highest regulations. Flava are making sure that all food shopping from home orders are sent out in complete safely.

All you need to start shopping from home with Flava buy now pay later is an internet connection and a debit card. Flava have no need to do a credit search on your credit file and this stays the same no matter how much your basket total. After the first paid up order you can happily expect your credit limit to rise by at least another £20 per order, only capped at £120, and still on the same terms of 4 weeks to pay up and no credit checks.

Once you start shopping with Flava buy now pay later you will even see saving against your regular food shopping with normal supermarkets. With special offers only sent to your email inbox you are guaranteed not to overspend by being barraged by hundreds of offers before getting to your basics.