The UK's only supermarket that will give you credit, Flava

You are GUARANTEED £100 Credit

The UK's only supermarket that will give you credit

The UK's only supermarket that will give you credit, Flava

Credit has been around for a very long time and not since the introduction of the credit file search system has there been any other way to get credit than to undergo a credit search until now. Flava buy now pay later are the UK’s only supermarket that offers credit to its customers, and not just customers with outstanding credit scores, but everyone, no matter what your credit score may say about your finances all you need is a debit card with your bank account.

All new customers can enjoy a basket credit of £40 to spend instore and breathing space of 4 weeks or less to repay. Flava buy now pay later are just like any other mini supermarket or corner shop with the exact same great brand names you love and trust on sale, and with only having one order at a time you are not likely to ever find yourself in debt with mounting orders. Once you have filled your basket with what you need you will see at checkout the total and then you can decide how many weeks you want to repay over. Your total is then split into equal amounts and then you pay the first instalment to select your delivery date. You are able to choose the best day of the week to have your repayments taken from your account and you don’t even have to remember to do this as it is all done automatically.

Once your first order is paid off with Flava buy now pay later you will be given extra credit if you need it by at least £20, or your can sign up to the Flava Benefit Member Account where you will be given a guaranteed £100 credit and free deliveries. Being a Flava Benefits member will give you loads of great extra offers that are sent to your email on a regular basis and are up to 99% off regular retail prices.

A supermarket that gives you buy now, pay later credit

Many customers find that shopping with Flava buy now pay later is having really positive results on their bank account with the savings they make against regular supermarket shopping, not only for the great special offers but because of some other great side effects below:

Credit is definitely a good thing when it doesn’t impact on your credit score or cost anything in interest charges, for a helping hand definitely try Flava buy now pay later supermarket and make your bank account happy!