The perfect Flava for a buy now pay later menu!

You are GUARANTEED £100 Credit

The perfect Flava for a buy now pay later menu!

The perfect Flava for a buy now pay later menu!

With so much choice in home shopping, its about time that some genius has come up with the perfect solution to buy now pay later for the grocery shop and keeping the kitchen cupboards stocked with everything you need for exciting daily menus. From breakfast cereal and pasta to pet food and washing powder, Flava have everything available on one super easy to use website. You have an immediate £40 credit to spend and you can spread your total over 4 weeks. Your shopping will be delivered once you pay your first instalment and choose your slot. Nothing could be easier, apart from having to cook the food yourself!

Buy Now, Pay Later Food and Groceries

Many people are in positions where they are just not able to get to the supermarkets or have not got the available funds for a few weeks and find themselves going without decent meals or unable to do the laundry, this is unacceptable in this day and age. This is where Flava can help. We do not charge interest on any credit, you pay for what you have and no more, we just split your total into 4 equal payments and away you go, we deliver after you have paid your first instalment. There is nothing hidden with the Flava buy now pay later shopping website, you pay for your shopping and nothing more.

You will start as a Bronze level customer and after you have used the website a few times and your payments have been on time your credit limit will be increased and you will become a Silver or Gold customer, enabling you to do an entire months’ worth of shopping and spread the payments to suit your budget. This way of shopping will make life so much easier for those of you who prefer to spread payments in line with their budgets. It will stop all those impulse buys that get picked up and put in the trolley on a normal supermarket shop that send your shopping bills soaring through the roof as well as keeping you on the straight and narrow with your menu planning and budgets.

Buy now pay later is not just for those with credit problems, it is also for those who prefer to stay in control of the purse strings and like to know when every penny is spent. By budgeting well with your food shop you can also help to reduce your overall spend as it is often the supermarket shop that gets overlooked, there are so many hidden extras that just get thrown into the trolley with little thought. There are reasons why the supermarket wars are such a big deal, and that is because most of the money spent in a supermarket is impulse buying, but when you are using a buy now pay later system you think about your purchase more than usual, and you will find that you do in fact save money overall.

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