Struggling to make ends meet? then try Flava

You are GUARANTEED £100 Credit

Struggling to make ends meet? then try Flava

Struggling to make ends meet? then try Flava

At this unprecedented time of the Covid 19 virus sweeping across the world, many people would have slipped through the net financially and are now finding even the simplest of needs like food and toiletries are not being met. If this resonates with your situation then try Flava buy now pay later for your food shopping from home.

Flava buy now pay later have helped thousands of people throughout the pandemic and are definitely able to help you. As long as you have an internet connection and a debt card you will be accepted without the need to carry out a credit search on your credit file. Also with Flava buy now pay later you will never have to worry about interest charges as all orders made with Flava food shopping from home are paid off within 4 weeks and you can only take one order at a time so you do not have to worry about finding yourself in debt due to rising interest charges.

Do You Want to Try Buy Now, Pay Later Shopping?

To start shopping with Flava all you need to do is to join with your email address and you can start doing your food shopping from home straight away, your initial credit limit will be £40, which is plenty to fill your food cupboards, and once that is paid off you can order again with at least an extra £20 each time. Food shopping from home has never been easier. You will not have to give any debit card details until checkout where you pay your first of 4 instalments and then you can set your delivery date.

Flava buy now pay later will have all your cleaning, toiletries, and food shopping needs covered in one easy to navigate website. All orders are split equally into 4 weekly instalments and these are taken directly from your debit card, that is how Flava buy now pay later food shopping from home is able to offer credit without the need for a credit check.

You will also find some great offers sent directly to your email account, these are carefully selected to give you the most discount and are only available to Flava Members. Look at the amazing offers you can expect to find in your inbox:

You will not find special offer like these in any supermarket online or locally. If you think that Flava buy n now pay later could work for you then sign up to Flava Member benefits today and you can sit back and wait for your shopping to be delivered on a day that suits you.