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Stay at home and shop in safety on credit from Flava

Stay at home and shop in safety on credit from Flava

With the coming of the second wave and the new lockdown rules everyone is concerned about how they will keep their food cupboards stocked and avoid the supermarkets on the High Street due to longer queues and the madness of panic buying. With an account from Flava buy now pay later you can shop in safety as well as having a small credit breathing space of 4 weeks and this will be a welcome relief for many. As long as you have a debit card you are able to get an account with Flava buy now pay later without fuss or lengthy application procedures. Within 5 minutes you can start filling your basket immediately, and as soon as you have paid your first of four payments you can choose your delivery slot.

As you probably realised already with the amount of supermarket delivery vans on the road, local supermarkets are once again being overloaded and with weeks to wait for a delivery once it has already been paid in full at checkout is just too long to wait without any means of shopping elsewhere to keep you going through the wait. Because Flava buy now pay later supermarket is using national couriers then they are able to provide delivery much quicker than any local supermarket can offer.

Safe Online supermarket shopping with Flava

When it comes to those who like to shop locally and pick up any in store offers, then you will not be disappointed at the offers that Flava buy no pay later send straight to your emails, this means that you are far more aware of what you are spending and lessens the chance of impulse buys that we are all guilty of buying and throwing away when they are not used. Have a look at the latest offers that you will be able to access with your Flava account.