Start Shopping Online for Food and More at Flava

You are GUARANTEED £100 Credit

Start Shopping Online for Food and More at Flava

Start Shopping Online for Food and More at Flava

Everyone is looking for the best solution to find the best way to shop from home for food shopping, and with Flava buy now pay later you can not only rely on your delivery date, but you can spread your costs over 4 weeks. This is ideal for many people especially those who are struggling with meeting ends meet or even for the extraordinary key workers who are too busy to stand in queues waiting to enter a supermarket. Flava buy now pay later is the answer and without interest charges or a credit check you will find yourself keeping on top of your finances and even saving money against your regular food shop.

Buy Now, Pay Later Shopping Online

Flava buy now pay later is a very smart way to shop. Everyone is given at least £40 initial credit, and this can be spent online immediately. Your payments are split equally into 4 instalments and these are taken weekly from your debit card. As soon as your first instalment is paid, usually at checkout you can then choose the best date for your goods to be delivered to your door. Once all four payments have been made you can then place another order. All returning customers can expect at least a £20 extra credit for the next order, this will carry on increasing until capped at £120. There is no need to apply for an increase it will be given automatically and still without touching your credit file.

For those who have had issues with credit in the past you will be very aware that numerous credit searches on a damaged credit file will make matters a whole lot worse. These credit searches even with rejections will stay on your file for a long time, and the more searches you have the less likely your will be accepted for credit. Flava buy now pay later can bypass the entire system and jut take your debit card as guarantee, you can even choose the best dates for your payments to be made so they fall in line with paydays or benefit payments.

You can find all your need from a food shopping from home website with Flava and there is no hidden charges, whatever your basket costs at checkout is the only price you pay apart from delivery costs. If you sign up to Flava Member Benefits you can even get your delivery for free as well. Look out for the Member Benefits emails that will be sent directly to your email inbox for fantastic savings that are only available for members. All you need to sign up is below:

Sign up for a no commitment acceptance and start shopping for food at home today, Flava buy now pay later is the way you can start to make the most of the spare time usually spent in a long social distancing queue!