Start Shopping From Home and Avoid Queues

You are GUARANTEED £100 Credit

Start Shopping From Home and Avoid Queues

Start Shopping From Home and Avoid Queues

Even though there has been some lifting of quarantine rules, the social distancing rule is still very much in force and this still means keeping our distance especially when out and about typically with grocery shopping and the like. With Flava buy now pay later we can guarantee your safety as your food order is delivered directly to your door and with minimal fuss to assure you at least £40 credit that is also interest free.

Shop From Home With Buy Now, Pay Later at Flava

Once you have a Flava buy now pay later account you are guaranteed a basket credit of at least £40 initially, this will rise with every paid up order to be capped at £120. Buy now pay later schemes for grocery shopping was until now unheard of, in fact Flava buy now play later is the only supermarket in the UK to offer grocery shopping on credit.

Become a Flava Member and Make Shopping Easy

When you have applied for your Flava member benefits you will soon realise that buying groceries on credit is actually a great way of saving money. As strange as that may sound it is true. Just the word “credit” can cause you to be more observant about what you are spending and we all know how easy it is to throw items into a shopping trolley not because we really need them, but because the supermarket has just placed them carefully in order to make you spend more money. Using a buy now pay later food shopping from home service like Flava puts paid to all that. The offers available from Flava buy now pay later offers are plenty and pretty fantastic, with discount of up to 99%, the difference is that they are sent directly to your email inbox, so you get more of a conscious choice to take them or not.

These are just a few of the recent offers you could find emailed directly to your inbox

Flava buy now pay later promise to never carry out a credit check on application as they will take all payments directly from your debit card, so you do not need to worry about having any intrusive credit searches leaving footprints on your credit file. Flava buy now pay later is for everyone, no matter what your previous credit issues may be. There have always been a lot of reasons to shop for your groceries at home, but Flava buy now pay later has taken grocery shopping to another level, with guaranteed credit and no interest payments.

At the checkout you can see your total bill, split into 4 equal instalments, you then pay the first instalment and the delivery slots will then be open for you to choose your preferred date.