So many great reasons to join Flava join today

You are GUARANTEED £100 Credit

So many great reasons to join Flava join today

So many great reasons to join Flava join today

If you have tried to do your food shopping from home at any point in the last 6 months then you will know the problems when it comes to deliveries and if you have been left on a lesser wage then that would really make life hard as well. With Flava buy now pay later you can be assured that your food shopping from home will be delivered to your door in much less time than any local supermarket can offer but also you are given credit to use as well

The credit you get from Flava by now pay later will always start at £40 but will rise with every future order. This is all secured just by your debit card, there will never be any intrusive credit searches made against your credit file and this will make sure that you will never have any negative footprints left by Flava to make applying for credit in the future difficult. All you need to join the Flava buy now pay later supermarket is your email and delivery addresses and your debit card, there are no intrusive calls or emails to prove income or employment and those in receipt of benefits are also accepted.

Great reasons to buy now, pay later

When it comes to special offers, you will be amazed at the money you can save and instead of being bombarded with offers like you are when you use a regular supermarket, your offers from Flava buy now pay later are sent directly to your email address and this way you can choose the best offers for you rather than being overwhelmed with offers that you may not necessarily want in the long run. If you are like the majority of supermarket shoppers that throw away out of date products when they are restocking their food cupboards you will know the money that is wasted by picking up offers without much thought. Have a look at some of the latest offers:

Once you have been shopping with Flava for a few weeks you will soon see how much money you will start to save against your regular shopping bills, it is a great way to know exactly how much will be taken each week for your food shopping from home. With 4 weeks to spread payments and only one order at a time you will never find your self getting into any debt with Flava buy now pay later. Give yourself a break and use Flava buy now pay later for your shopping it will certainly be an eye opener to exactly how much you can save when using credit that carries no interest or admin charges.