Shop With Flava With No Interest Guaranteed

You are GUARANTEED £100 Credit

Shop With Flava With No Interest Guaranteed

Brand New ‘Buy Now, Pay Later’ Online Supermarket

Many folk have fallen into the Payday loan trap when in fact all they have needed to do is pay a few bills and do a big grocery shop. Well before you consider anything like this stop and have a look at Flava buy now pay later, we can guarantee that as well as not charging you any interest we will not be leaving any negative footprints on your credit file as we have no need to do any credit searches.

The way that Flava buy now pay later supermarket works is quite simple, we take your total and split it into equal payments, that you can choose to pay in 2, 3 or 4 instalments to suit yourself. You can choose when you want your first instalment to be taken so you can opt for it to coincide with your pay dates and then you can budget to make sure that you are not left in any pickles with your finances.

Great Deals at Flava With Buy Now, Pay Later Shopping

At Flava buy now pay later we have some great delivery options and for new customers we are giving away free delivery for those that sign up to a monthly plan. Flava buy now pay later is not just for solving a short term problem, in fact once you use the online supermarket and you see how easy it is, and just how you can very quickly see exactly what you want without being distracted with page after page of flashy temping offers that are purely there to make you part with far more money than you need to spend. Flava buy now pay later are exactly what you need when you need it, we care about our customers which is why we are not charging you interest and not leaving nasty and unnecessary credit searches on your file, so there is little point in making you spend more than you need.

You will find all you need to fill your kitchen cupboards with all the basics for good and nutritional meals, as well as cleaning and laundry products and pet supplies. Flava are the best solution when it comes to a helping hand but not having to go cap in hand to borrow money off friends or family. Even for those of you that vow never to have credit this is one form of credit that can guarantee there is no interest costs involved, 0% APR guaranteed. With an initial £40 limit for new customers and 4 weeks only to pay the equal instalments you would be very hard pushed to fall behind with such simple terms.

All you need for a Flava buy now pay later basket credit of an initial £40 is to sign up with your email address and away you go. You can choose your delivery slot as soon as you pay your first instalment and you will be given your one hour time slot by text on the day. You have nothing to lose with Flava, sign up today, and never have sad empty cupboards again!