Shop with Flava buy now pay later get all your Christmas goodies!

You are GUARANTEED £100 Credit

Shop with Flava buy now pay later for Christmas!

Shop with Flava buy now pay later get all your Christmas goodies!

Flava buy now pay later online supermarket is the very latest in home shopping, it allows you to get your grocery shopping on credit. What’s more is that you will have no interest payments or hidden charges either. Flava will have no need to make any credit searches as long as you have a UK bank account as they take you instalments directly from your visa card and your payments will be split over 4 equal instalments.

With Flava buy now pay later you will never have to worry about getting into debt as each order will be paid up before the next one can be made and with no interest charges ever, there is no danger of being forced into debt with rolling interest charges like many other buy now pay later credit services. Flava online supermarket is set up so that instalments are just for a set period of up to 4 weeks and no more.

Buy Now, Pay Later Christmas Shopping

Now that the Christmas period is nearly up on us Flava have started to stock up on all the family favourites all available on buy now pay later terms with no interest charges.

You can schedule your repayments for whenever it suits you best, so that your payments will fall in line with your budget. You can also have your delivery arranged as soon as you have paid your first instalment. You will be given a one hour delivery slot on the day of your delivery so you will never miss your order turning up. The Flava buy now pay later supermarket will revolutionise supermarket shopping for many, just the same as home shopping has become a main staple of so many these days.

Buy now pay later is not only for those who have finance problems, it can be one of the very best ways of budgeting your money. If you know how much is being taken out of your account to pay your instalments, then you are less likely to overspend and unlike walking round a supermarket with an overflowing trolley, with temping treats at every corner you will find that when buying on credit you will only buy the products that you really need. Flava buy now pay later can become one of your best assets when taking control of your spends especially at this time of year when every penny counts.

With home delivery and a massive £100 basket credit available Flava buy now pay later online supermarket shop from home will be one of the best decisions you make this Christmas, you can have all your basic store cupboard essentials as well as those extra special treats for all the family, not forgetting the family pets as well. Sign up to Flava today and get your cushion of credit just when you need to most, and don’t forget, we have no interest charges, no credit checks and absolutely no reason for you to ever get in debt with us!