Shop from home with Flava Supermarket with Buy Now Pay Later

You are GUARANTEED £100 Credit

Shop from home with Flava Supermarket with Buy Now Pay Later

Shop from home with Flava Supermarket with Buy Now Pay Later

If you have been considering food shopping online, then Flava buy now pay later can be just the solution you need. You can fill your basket with at least £40 of credit without having to undergo any form of credit check or pay any interest either.

Buy Now, Pay Later Shopping From Home

Like many others the situation in the UK at the moment has forced us to look at new ways of keeping our kitchen cupboards full of nutritional and tasty foods, but we are also very aware of every penny we part with as it is unclear how the next few months will pan out. With food shopping online and home delivery from Flava buy now pay later you can take full advantage of the enforced lockdown and stop worrying about your groceries and do something better with your family or friends.

Many houses will get a full spring clean during the Corona Virus lockdown and when food shopping online, don’t forget that Flava are ready with all your cleaning needs. Turning the situation on its head, this could be just what was needed to make us reassess our entire lives and by making sure that at the basic level we are all making sure hygiene is at the front line of stopping any spread.

Food shopping from home on credit is just about the best thing around at the moment as it is available to everyone with a debit card and internet access. Everyone is able to have at least £40 credit and future orders will have higher spend limits. Everyone who is food shopping online will be assessed individually and as long as your payments have been paid on schedule your next order will be authorised with a higher limit.

There should be no need to panic buy when you have Flava for your food shopping from home online, everything you could need for the time you are spending at home is available to everyone across the UK. This could be the start of trying more and adventurous cooking for example, look at the wide range of herbs and spice that we have on offer:

No one need be without their essentials at this time when food shopping from home is so easily accessible, and when you use Flava buy now pay later you can be assured that you will be accepted for credit when other companies may well turn you down if they have to carry out a credit check. As we all know credit searches can damage fragile credit scores, but Flava will promise never to do that at this time or in the future.