Shop from home in full safety with Flava supermarket

You are GUARANTEED £100 Credit

Shop from home in full safety with Flava supermarket

Shop from home in full safety with Flava supermarket

With the threat of the second wave of Corona Virus now being very real, if you are looking for a better way to do your food shopping from home then have a look at Flava buy now pay later supermarket the UK’s first supermarket that does not need a credit check to guarantee acceptance. For a massive £40 starter credit and immediate acceptance then apply today and start shopping for your groceries from the safety of your own home.

As well as maintaining all safety issues at the warehouses and delivery process you can be assured that your food shopping will be delivered to your door without risk you and you will also be able to spread your payments over 4 weeks with Flava buy now pay later. With 4 weeks to repay and only one order at a time Flava have reduced the chances of getting into debt by using a buy now pay later account, and even better news is that there are never any interest charges for the credit you use. What you see on your checkout page will be the total amount you will pay over 4 weeks.

While everyone is looking for the best solution to shop from home for food shopping, when you shop with Flava buy now pay later you can not only rely on your delivery date, but you can spread your costs over 4 weeks. This is ideal for many people especially those who are struggling with meeting ends meet or even for the fantastic key workers who are too busy to stand in queues waiting to enter a supermarket to do their family shop.

Buy now pay later from the comfort of home

When you have applied for your Flava Member Benefit account you will soon realise that buying groceries on credit is actually a really good way of saving money. As bizarre as that may sound it is true. Just the word “credit” can cause you to be more attentive about what you are actually spending and we all know how easy it is to throw items into a shopping trolley not because we really need them, but because the supermarket has just placed them carefully in order to make you spend more money.

These are just a few of the recent offers you could find emailed directly to your inbox

By using the buy now pay later food shopping service from Flava buy now pay later will put a stop to picking up unneeded special offers. The great special offers available from Flava buy now pay later offers are plenty, with discounts of up to 99%, the difference is that they are sent directly to your email inbox, so you get more of a conscious choice to take them or not.