Safer than a shopping trip, try Flava and ditch the face masks

You are GUARANTEED £100 Credit

Safer than shopping, try Flava and ditch the face masks

Safer than a shopping trip, try Flava and ditch the face masks

With a suspected second wave of the Covid 19 Pandemic coming our way again perhaps now is the time to really get to grips with your food shopping from home before we are in a state of panic again. With Flava buy now pay later supermarket not only can you be assured that your food shopping from home will be delivered in good time, much quicker than most local supermarket vans, but you can also spread your payments over 4 weeks interest free.

Being able to spread payments may just be the solution you have been looking for as many people have been faced with a redundancy or furloughed from work presently and the breathing space that Flava buy now pay later can give you is invaluable. Without any credit checks and interest charges you can be secure in the fact that what you see at checkout will be the total price you pay.

Everything you would expect to find in any supermarket or local shop can be found at Flava by now pay later, it is almost like a having an old fashioned shop owner giving you “tic” for a few weeks until payday and when your banks account is empty you can be happy knowing your food cupboards are full.

No face-masks with Buy now, pay later at Flava

Applying for an account with Flava buy now pay later is very easy and only takes a few minutes as long as you have a debit card you will be accepted as all repayments will be taken automatically on a day of the week you choose directly from your debit card. You are given £40 basket credit with your first order and once that is paid up you can order again and you can have extra credit by £20 per future order if you want it, this is capped at £120 and still repaid over 4 weeks. Many people have commented with great feedback about how they enjoy being in control of their credit again.

Sign up to Flava buy now pay later today and be ready for the next time that you need a helping hand that will not penalise you with interest charges or credit checks. Flava buy now pay later was developed to help people with small amounts of credit that will not need to be secured by anything more than your debit card. If you have issues with your credit score than you will know how hard getting any form of credit can be. You can be assured that doing your food shopping from home will be safe and secure with all hygiene regulations adhered to and your deliveries will be quick and on a day that you can choose as soon as you have paid your first of four equal instalments. You will also know exactly how much will be taken from your account over the remaining weeks.